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Many moulds are now recognised as posing a potential health hazard to the occupants of mould contaminated homes and apartments
Poor insulation & heating and especially because of inadequate ventilation levels, condensation and its associated black mould growth is a common problem in many Irish homes and apartments.

Domestic condensation is basically caused by an imbalance between heating and ventilation levels. It occurs when some of the moisture in a moisture laden atmosphere is deposited on colder wall and ceiling surfaces.

Over time, this results in development of black mould growth in wall and ceiling corners. In a damp and vulnerable environment, built-in wardrobes fitted on north facing walls can be especially vulnerable to condensation mould growth.

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Guidelines on treating black mould & reducing condensation

  • Treat mould contaminated surfaces using the Wykamol Mould Eradication Kit.
  • Ensure that all bathrooms in the house are mechanically ventilated – i.e. ensure that a good quality externally extracted ceiling or wall extract fan is fitted and used at all times during shower use.
  • Ensure that all bedrooms in the house are properly ventilated by fitting passive ceiling ventilation in troublesome corner areas.
  • Ensure the kitchen is mechanically ventilated – i.e. ensure that the over cooker hood is externally extracted and used at all times during cooking – good quality kitchen extract hoods are readily available from most kitchen appliance outlets.
  • Always keep bulky furniture and fittings etc. away from cold external walls.
  • Regularly ventilate your home by opening windows and doors – ventilation for 20 minutes twice daily is regarded as normal for most homes and apartments.
  • Generally review heating and especially the attic insulation levels.

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