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We provide a full range of chemicals for the successful control of dry and wet rot infestation
Dry rot and Wet rot infestation is a highly destructive fungal growth which will damage timber and is usually caused by direct damp penetration by flooding or by internal plumbing defects. Damage associated with dry and wet rot attack can be found in many older domestic and commercial buildings throughout Ireland.

Because the initial phase of infestation is often hidden behind wall panelling or concealed in embedded joist ends and timber lintels, it’s presence is rarely detected until infestation is well established.

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Once established wet and dry rot fungus can spread quickly and will often cause serious damage to the timber fabric of the infested property. Early diagnosis is therefore very important.

We  urge all prospective house purchasers to engage the services of an experienced specialist Surveyor to undertake a detailed damp and timber decay survey before buying or renovating any older property.


  • Eliminate source of damp causing the infestation and allow damp wall masonry to dry out.
  • Fully expose all embedded timbers within damp wall area, and if necessary, strip wall render and trace out extent of infestation and remove contaminated materials from site.
  • Cut back or remove all decayed timber and thoroughly sterilise contaminated masonry using a Wykamol Masonry Biocide.
  • Thoroughly clean and treat all sound timber adjacent to wet and dry rot infestation using a Wykamol boron-based wood preservative.
  • Splice, repair or replace all damaged timbers using timber treated with Wykamol boron based wood preservative.

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