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We utilise the latest thermal imaging cameras to investigate and diagnose dampness issues within properties.

Our thermal imaging survey includes reporting on suspected damp issues, thermal comfort issues, missing/incomplete thermal insulation, failed double glazing, de-bonded rendering, condensation & mould issues and air leakage within buildings.

A thermal imaging camera is an incredibly versatile tool for helping diagnose moisture-related problems in buildings.  It is often used as the first step in a structured approach to identifying if excessive moisture is located in parts of buildings.

Using the physical properties of water and other building materials PJ Barrett & Co can find both surface moisture and often hidden moisture below an impervious surface.

With an understanding of building science, psychrometry, infrared thermography techniques and a structured process, we can  solve problems non-destructively relating to:

Building envelope leaks; wall leaks, floor leaks, roof leaks, and fenestration leaks

Plumbing leaks; heating pipes, supply and waste pipes and underfloor heating pipes.

Thermal bridging that can in turn, form condensation and mould. This aspect is critical before retrofitting any property.

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We offer a number of options to Client’s buying, maintaining or renovating older properties

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