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kontract_mesh-damp-proof-membraneWaterproofing Membrane Kontract Mesh

Cavity drain membranes, drainage and accessories for remedial interior isolation of damp above-ground or basement walls and floors and direction of surface water.

Water entering through walls is contained behind membranes and directed to drainage at base of wall.
Suitable to provide Type C drained protection to Grade 3 or Grade 4 environment for residential or commercial use, in conjunction with adequate heating and ventilation.

Requires sump and pump or equivalent passive water disposal system. (Sumps and pumps specified separately).
More about Kontract Interior Waterproofing System

Product reference:   Kontract Interior Waterproofing System
Membrane: [Kontract 8]. [Kontract Mesh].
– Laps: [Horizontal]. [Vertical].

  • [Aqua channel]. – 2 m rigid lengths.
  • [Aqua drain]. – 50 m or 150 m coiled lengths.
  • [Channel outlet]. – To sump.
  • [Jetting eye].


  • [Brick plug]. – Ground for fixings to Kontract 8. Use with Rope seal.
  • [Corner detail trim]. – 150 mm. Use alone, with Tape or Overtape.
  • [Mastic].
  • [Overtape]. – 75 mm.
  • [Plug seal]. – Ground for fixings. Alternative to Brick plug with Rope seal.
  • [Plaster plug]. – Ground for fixings to Kontract Mesh. Use with Rope seal.
  • [Profile strips]. – Use to provide ventilation to Kontract 8.
  • [Rope seal]. – Use to seal joints or penetrations.
  • [Tape]. – 28 mm. Use to seal laps of membrane.
  • Guidance for Kontract Interior Waterproofing System from Wykamol Group


Kontract Mesh:

  • HDPE. High density polyethylene with moulded compression studs and HDPE mesh facing.
  • Compression (maximum): 150 kN/m².
  • On walls, suitable as backing for plasterboard on dabs or direct application of plaster.
  • Fixed to walls at 250 mm centres by drilling through membrane studs and inserting plaster plugs. Lap sheets 90 mm and seal using tape.
  • Suitable for ventilated application on walls above DPC level: Leave 20 mm gap to bottom of wall membrane and 10 mm gap to top. Insert profile strips into applied finishes or offset skirtings and covings.
  • Suitable for applied coatings on walls: Use lightweight gypsum plasters or 1:1:6 cement:sand:lime render. 8 mm first coat to fill studs. 7 mm second coat. 3 mm skim coat. (Plaster or render specified elsewhere).
  • Suitable for applied dry linings on walls.
  • On floors, loose lay with compression studs downwards. Butt joint and seal using Overtape. Seal wall/ floor junction using Corner detail trim.
  • Floors can be overlaid using expanded polystyrene insulation with T&G floorboards, conventional screed or anhydrite screed. (Floorboards or screeds specified elsewhere).


Aqua Channel:

  • PVC drainage profile for perimeter drainage of basements. Designed for drainage of water contained behind Wykamol Cavity
  • Drain Membranes and subsequent diversion to sump.
  • Predrilled with 19 mm holes at 70 mm centres for water ingress.
  • Suitable for use behind DPM to reduce water pressure.
  • Can be fitted with jetting eyes for periodic flushing.

Aqua Drain:

  • 60 mm diameter drainage pipe for perimeter drainage of basements. Designed for drainage of water contained behind Wykamol
  • Cavity Drain Membranes and subsequent diversion to sump.]
  • Fully perforated for water ingress. Fitted with continuous geotextile sheath to prevent ingress of particles.
  • Lay below floating floor or screed and DPM. Lay in floorslab channel (w x h), 125 x 75 mm, filled with small grade aggregate.
  • Suitable for use behind DPM to reduce water pressure.

Product code: KMESH2X10
Roll size: 20 sq/m (2m x 10m)
Colour: Clear

Product code: KMESH2X20
Roll size:  40 sq/m (2m x 20m)
Colour: Clear


  • Kontract Mesh Data Sheet
  • Wykamol Membrane Installation Guide

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